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We sought treatment, but the medical fees were far beyond our means.

Brenda Jackline Khaemba sheds tears of joy when she recalls the life, she has lived for the last three years. Jackline, a mother of three children, lost the meaning of life when it dawned on her she was suffering from fistula. “I got the fistula in 2020 while delivering my third-born child. At the time …Read More

I am starting a new chapter. I have lived an embarrassing life.

Priscah Chepkosgei, 30, resonates well with the famous quote that, that which doesn’t kill you makes you strong. For the last 14 years, Priscah has been suffering from fistula – a reproductive health condition that results in the social degradation of women. “I became a fistula victim in 2009. At the time I was only …Read More

Dignity Restored

Celestine Likim Omuse, 53, is a happy woman after going through a successful fistula reconstructive surgery. Celestine, a mother of one has been indoors for the last six months. This is in contrast to her personality. In normal circumstances, Celestine is a jovial and outgoing woman. Celestine has been suffering from a fistula since October …Read More

I Was Too Embarrassed To Share My Condition With Anyone

Mary Nyawira is a 65-year-old mother of three. She developed fistula in 2001 while delivering her first child. During her delivery, the attending doctors had to cut her to allow for an easier delivery. She suspects that at the time of suturing her, the doctor may have not completed the job. She, however, is not …Read More

I Look Forward To Resuming Church Activities

Wanjiru Mwangi is a 65-year-old mother of seven. Of the seven only five are living. To speak to her, we had to use a translator because she only speaks her vernacular language, Kikuyu. She sounds a bit frail but gives us her consent to proceed with the interview. In 2018, Wanjiru’s life changed. She realized …Read More

My Children Abandoned Me

Celina Nekesa sounds tired, frail even. It could be from anxiety. She is just about to be wheeled into the theatre for her corrective surgery. Celina is a 63 -year old single mother of nine living in Kituni village in Bungoma County. She has sadly lost seven of her children and does not have a …Read More

I Delivered A 4 Kg Baby At Home

Gladys Masiembe is a 52-year-old woman. She comes off as very confident and open. She narrates that she is married and has eight children. She first suffered fistula in 1995 after having her first child. Gladys had prolonged labour and delivered a generally heavier than average baby. The baby was four kilograms heavy. She laboured …Read More

I Took Over The Counter Medication As I Could Not Afford Treatment

Caroline Naliaka Wafula is a 30-year-old mother of four living in Sikanga village in Bungoma County. She sounds aloof but agrees to proceed with the interview. Having dropped out of school in class five, Caroline got married at an early age and resultantly bore children while still young. She had her first child in 2011 …Read More

I Got Fistula As A teen, Lived With It For 33 Years!

Caren 47-year-old Caren is a ball of energy and confidence.You can tell from her speech. Life has, however, not been a bed of roses for her. She gave birth to eight children unfortunately, she has only four living children. Caren has been living with fistula for the past 33 years. She was 14 when she …Read More

I Was Diagnosed With Fistula, Hyperthyroidism And lupus

Speaking with Elizabeth on phone, I sense her calmness in her speech noting that is exceptionally composed. Elizabeth is a 38-year-old mother of three who lives in Kilifi. She delivered her last-born child in November 2018. She delivered normally but suspects that she suffered extensive tears because at the time of delivery she had to …Read More