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I Was Diagnosed With Fistula, Hyperthyroidism And lupus

Speaking with Elizabeth on phone, I sense her calmness in her speech noting that is exceptionally composed.

Elizabeth is a 38-year-old mother of three who lives in Kilifi. She delivered her last-born child in November 2018. She delivered normally but suspects that she suffered extensive tears because at the time of delivery she had to be sutured. She did not inquire from the doctors. She led a normal life after her delivery until October 2019 when she began suffering from incontinence of stool. This forced her to stop operating her business. She was, however, able to get someone to hold fort while she sought treatment.

In December 2019, Elizabeth unsuccessfully underwent corrective surgery at a hospital in Mombasa. The surgery left her in tremendous pain and with a sinus to deal with. In February 2020, she underwent further surgery which healed her wound but left her still suffering from incontinence.

She sought medical treatment from private clinics but did not successfully receive any treatment. In June 2020, she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and in August 2020 she was also diagnosed with lupus. One can only imagine the amount of stress she went through. “I am lucky that my family and friends have been extremely supportive” she states.

After going through a great deal of medical treatment, Elizabeth was advised by a relative to attend Clinic 66 at Kenyatta National Hospital. She visited the clinic on 17th May and was enrolled into the Flying Doctors programme. She was able to receive corrective surgery and is hopeful that she will make a full recovery.

She recommends that the Flying Doctors Society expand their services to reach indigent women in other parts of the country. Having the services centralized in Nairobi may deny other women the opportunity to receive the necessary specialized treatment. She is however grateful for having been lucky to have received information on the medical camp.

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