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Evacuation Procedure


To have this information ready when calling the Flying Doctors will help to facilitate an appropriate and fast response and/or medical advice.


  1. Your location and contact, telephone number/radio frequency.
  2. Number of patient(s).
  3. Name, age and sex of patient(s).
  4. Are they a Flying Doctors’ Society member (if so give membership number; employer if a corporate member and/or tour company if a tourist)


  • General nature of the problem, e.g. car accident, a fever, a collapse, an assault, etc., the time it occurred or duration of the illness.
  • Is the patient conscious or unconscious?
  • Is the patient breathing?
  • Does the patient have a pulse?
  • Is the patient confused (do they know their name and where they are)?
  • Is the patient in pain (where is the pain)?
  • Is the patient bleeding (where are they bleeding and how much)?
  • Is the patient able to walk (with support or without)?

III. LOCATION OF THE PATIENT(e.g. hospital, health centre or lodge, home, at site of accident.)

  • If the patient is in a hospital/health centre request the medical person in charge to talk to us direct or get a medical report for us (diagnosis, general condition, vital signs, treatment).
  • If the patient is at a lodge, at home or still on site of the accident, what First Aid treatment has been given (if any) and by whom?


  • Which is the nearest airstrip?
  • Condition of the airstrip (tarmac, dirt, grass)? Lighting facilities?
  • Weather report (rain, heavy cloud, clear sky)?
  • Is transport to the airstrip available, yes or no?
  • How many people will accompany the patient on the flight?

NB* The Flying Doctors can assist in arranging hospital accommodation but are NOT responsible for hospital bills. A Ground ambulance will be provided by the Flying Doctors in Nairobi and is included in the cost of our response.