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I Look Forward To Resuming Church Activities

Wanjiru Mwangi is a 65-year-old mother of seven. Of the seven only five are living. To speak to her, we had to use a translator because she only speaks her vernacular language, Kikuyu. She sounds a bit frail but gives us her consent to proceed with the interview.

In 2018, Wanjiru’s life changed. She realized that she was unable to control her urine flow. She cannot tell how it started because she delivered her last child in 1989. She had not suffered any injury or gone through any surgery to warrant such a problem. Her situation made it difficult for her to navigate through life. She had to stop going to church and attending her women’s group meetings.

Luckily, her husband was extremely supportive and had promised to take her for treatment if he found a place where he could get it. In 2019, while listening to the radio, she heard an announcement about the medical camp by Flying Doctors’ Society of Africa. She travelled to Nyeri from Karatina to attend the camp but was unable to receive any service since she arrived late. She doesn’t remember whether she left her number to be contacted later but she went home dejected.

In October 2021, again while listening to the radio, she heard about the medical camp at Nyeri Hospital. She purposed to attend early this time round. She got to Nyeri hospital in good time for screening and secured a spot for surgery. Wanjiru received the corrective surgery on 22nd November. She is excited and waiting to make a full recovery.

Wanjiru looks forward to resuming activities she enjoyed like going to church. She has promised to share with other women information about fistula to ensure that no girl suffers in silence. She prays for blessings upon M-PESA Foundation and the Flying Doctor’s Society of Africa.

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