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How To Become A Member

If you live, work or are travelling within East Africa (Kenya Uganda and Tanzania), Rwanda and Burundi (anywhere within a maximum of 1000 Km’s of Nairobi) it is extremely useful to become a member of the Flying Doctors Society of Africa. Medical facilities outside cities are few and far between and many rural hospitals do not have facilities for critical care. In the case of a medical emergency, getting to a well equipped hospital fast with expert care in transit could mean the difference between life and death. As a member of the Flying Doctor Society of Africa you are entitled to free evacuation service in case of a life threatening emergency that would necessitate the use of the Flying Doctors to transport you to a medical facility in Nairobi. The evacuation can be undertaken up to 500 or 1,000 kilometers radius of Nairobi depending on the type of membership you have taken. Members will receive a membership card with our emergency numbers, car stickers and 24 hour access to the Flying Doctor Society of Africa Emergency Centre for medical advice. In addition, if you do not use your membership for an evacuation in any given year, your contribution goes to evacuate somebody who urgently needs medical attention who cannot afford it. Read about our charity evacuations and outreach programmes. Our Emergency Contact Center operates 24 hours, 365 days a year. Full time medical staff and aircrew are on standby to respond to emergencies. In case of a medical emergency that requires an evacuation from a remote area, the Flying Doctors Society will send in a medical team and an aircraft which can be converted into an airborne intensive care unit to evacuate you to Nairobi from where you will be transported by an ambulance to a hospital in Nairobi (the Flying Doctors do not cover the cost of hospitalization).