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Terms and Conditions of Service

Terms and Conditions of Membership Please note that members join individually and memberships are not transferable. Each member receives free evacuation services within the radius of membership to Nairobi within the membership period, from locations within Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi but only in the event of a life threatening medical emergency. The membership also includes two free ground ambulance evacuations but only while within Kenya. Patients are flown to Nairobi, usually to Wilson Airport but occasionally to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. At the airport, they are met by a Flying Doctor ambulance, in which the patients are transferred to the hospital of their choice. The ground ambulance is included as part of the free evacuation.   Definition of an eligible emergency Flying Doctors Medical Personnel will be responsible for the decision as to whether the condition and location of the member warrant a free evacuation flight. If applicable, and where possible, the member may be requested to be seen by a medical person before a free evacuation is granted. The Flying Doctors reserve the right to charge a member in full for the evacuation should they discover that any medical condition has been fraudulent, intentionally exaggerated or if fraudulent means or devices have been used by the member, or anyone acting on your or their behalf in order to obtain a free evacuation flight.   Exclusions Free evacuations will not be granted in cases such as the following:

  • The patient is not suffering from an immediately life-threatening medical condition and/or
  • The condition can be treated at a medical facility near to the patient’s location
  • The patient’s condition is not serious enough to warrant air ambulance evacuation, and the patient can be transported by an alternative means such as by road to the nearest medical facility.
  • The patient’s emergency has arisen as a result of self-inflicted damage or injury, such as attempted suicide, active involvement in violent or war-related activities, alcohol or drug abuse.
  • If the patient is suffering from a pre-existing condition/illness, a waiting period of 7 days from the commencement of membership must elapse prior to commencement of an evaluation for the same condition/illness.
  • If the medical condition does not qualify for a free evacuation flight, or if the membership is not valid/expired, the patient can still be evacuated but the patient must provide or arrange for a written guarantee of payment for the flight charges or landing permission.

Clearances, Airstrips, Flying Conditions and Choice or Aircraft Air evacuations are subject to clearances from the relevant air traffic control authorities and to there being a usable airstrip near to the patient’s location. The Flying Doctors is not responsible for evacuations precluded by circumstances beyond its control e.g. political instability; refusal of a government or appropriate authority to grant over flight or landing permission. The Flying Doctors will use its best endeavors to evacuate the patient(s), subject always to the pilot’s discretion. The pilot’s decision shall be final in all aviation cases and it is hereby expressly agreed that neither the Company nor the member will hold The Flying Doctor Society of Africa liable and will have no recourse against The Flying Doctor Society of Africa or any staff, agents or subcontracted personnel under any circumstances where the flight was refused, unsuccessful or delayed. It will be entirely within The Flying Doctor’s discretion to use the aircraft most suitable for the task.    Payment Terms and Renewals Memberships are only valid from the day of the receipt of membership charges. For the 500km membership only, flights beyond the agreed distance for each membership will be charged for the additional distance. Membership can be renewed by payment of a new membership fee to cover the year following the expiry of membership. The Flying Doctors Society of Africa retains the right not to accept membership or renewal of membership applications at any time.