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We sought treatment, but the medical fees were far beyond our means.

Brenda Jackline Khaemba sheds tears of joy when she recalls the life, she has lived for the last three years. Jackline, a mother of three children, lost the meaning of life when it dawned on her she was suffering from fistula. “I got the fistula in 2020 while delivering my third-born child. At the time …Read More

I am starting a new chapter. I have lived an embarrassing life.

Priscah Chepkosgei, 30, resonates well with the famous quote that, that which doesn’t kill you makes you strong. For the last 14 years, Priscah has been suffering from fistula – a reproductive health condition that results in the social degradation of women. “I became a fistula victim in 2009. At the time I was only …Read More

Dignity Restored

Celestine Likim Omuse, 53, is a happy woman after going through a successful fistula reconstructive surgery. Celestine, a mother of one has been indoors for the last six months. This is in contrast to her personality. In normal circumstances, Celestine is a jovial and outgoing woman. Celestine has been suffering from a fistula since October …Read More

From Loss to Healing

Mary Atieno is a 46-year-old lady living in Migori County. She is married but has no living children. She delivered a still born child in 1993 and has never conceived since then. Mary developed fistula after delivering her child in 1993. She had laboured for a long while and was eager to meet her bundle …Read More

Defying Challenges: Peninah’s Unwavering Spirit Amidst Adversity

Peninah Gati is a 28-year-old mother of 2 living in Kuria East. She is a person living with mental disability and is not very eloquent in her speech but is able to highlight her experience. Peninah narrates that she developed fistula in 2019 while delivering her 2nd child. She had laboured at home for 4 …Read More

Triumph Over Trials: Nasieku Nuntet’s Journey to Healing and Hope

Nasieku Nuntet is a 24-year-old mother of 1 who lives in Sekenani, Narok County with her husband. Nasieku developed fistula in August 2019 when she was delivering her child. She had visited the local hospital for delivery but was referred to Narok Hospital where she delivered her bundle of joy. 2 weeks after delivery, Nasieku …Read More

I was sinking into depression

Betty Kagemi is a 26-year-old mother of two living in Magutueni, Tharaka Nithi. She sounds excited as we speak. She is just getting discharge from hospital where she successfully underwent corrective surgery for recto-vaginal fistula on 23rd May. Betty first developed fistula while delivering her first child in February 2020. She had prolonged labour. Her …Read More

I will empower women to seek treatment

Juliet Kaithani is a 75-year-old mother of seven living in Mugwe. She sounds a bit tired, and her speech is slightly slurred. She does not speak English or Swahili and we therefore need the assistance of a nurse to translate. Juliet developed fistula in 1988 when delivering her last child. She underwent a caesarean section …Read More

My self-esteem is improved

Stella Nyambura is a 37-year-old mother of three from Baringo. She travelled 222km, all the way to Tharaka Nithi hoping to get a solution to her problem. When I speak to her the joy and elation is clear in her voice. Having successfully delivered two children, Stella did not anticipate developing any complications. Like any …Read More

I travelled five-and-a-half-hour-long journey to receive free fistula treatment

Francisca Chepng’eno is a 39-year-old mother of two living in Bomet. She has a heavy accent that slightly strains our communication, but we push through. Francisca sounds a bit tired; she is still recovery from her surgery. Francisca first suffered fistula in 2002 during the delivery of her second child. She suffered prolonged labour and …Read More