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I used a traditional birth attendant

When Mary Mulwa, 21, decided to do life with her husband Mulwa Mulei she thought good tidings had come on her way. At the time her husband had just finished form four and she was waiting to join a tertiary institution for higher education. “I was a young girl and I happened to get pregnant ...Read More Read More »

Happy to be living again

Twenty-Seven Years old Isnio Abdi is a happy woman. For the last seven years, Isinio has lived in shame. Growing up, Isnio was charming and friendly. She loved being in crowds but her once happy life was cut short by a condition she didn’t have knowledge about. She has been forced to live a quiet ...Read More Read More »

My struggle with perineal fistula

African culture places a high value on marriage and having children. In most African cultures children are essential in maintaining one marriage and a broader social network with kinship. A lot of married women who are not lucky enough to bear children of their own are in most cases divorced. They don’t get the respect ...Read More Read More »

Freed from Silence

Rahab Shire, a Garissa County resident sheds joyful tears when she recalls the rough terrain, she has walked through for the last two years. Rahab, a mother of one, describes her last two years as hell on earth. “For the last two years I would not leave the house and engage in communal activities,” says ...Read More Read More »