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My Children Abandoned Me

Celina Nekesa sounds tired, frail even. It could be from anxiety. She is just about to be wheeled into the theatre for her corrective surgery. Celina is a 63 -year old single mother of nine living in Kituni village in Bungoma County. She has sadly lost seven of her children and does not have a ...Read More Read More »

I Delivered A 4 Kg Baby At Home

Gladys Masiembe is a 52-year-old woman. She comes off as very confident and open. She narrates that she is married and has eight children. She first suffered fistula in 1995 after having her first child. Gladys had prolonged labour and delivered a generally heavier than average baby. The baby was four kilograms heavy. She laboured ...Read More Read More »

I Took Over The Counter Medication As I Could Not Afford Treatment

Caroline Naliaka Wafula is a 30-year-old mother of four living in Sikanga village in Bungoma County. She sounds aloof but agrees to proceed with the interview. Having dropped out of school in class five, Caroline got married at an early age and resultantly bore children while still young. She had her first child in 2011 ...Read More Read More »