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I will empower women to seek treatment

Juliet Kaithani is a 75-year-old mother of seven living in Mugwe. She sounds a bit tired, and her speech is slightly slurred. She does not speak English or Swahili and we therefore need the assistance of a nurse to translate.

Juliet developed fistula in 1988 when delivering her last child. She underwent a caesarean section which resulted in her developing uncontrolled urine flow. Because of her lack of economic capability, Juliet could not seek medical attention and resigned to her fate and accepted her new normal. She did not seek any medical attention.

Juliet lived a life of solitude. She could not socialize with her friends and family neither could she participate in activities she enjoyed such as going to church. Her husband is deceased, and her children already married, and she therefore was on her own. Her children were not able to complete their education and do not have stable jobs. They are therefore only able to assist her with small things such as purchasing soap.

Because she was unable to hide her condition, the women in her community took it upon themselves to help her whenever they could. They mobilized each other to cook and fetch water for her whenever necessary. This kept her going and made life a little easier for her.

While sitting in her home, one of her community members visited her and informed her about the medical camp at Tharaka Nithi which she purposed to attend. Juliet went through successful corrective surgery on 25th May. She is very happy with the results.

Juliet states that she will take it upon herself to empower women and advise them to seek medical treatment. She is grateful to Flying Doctors Society of Africa, Citizen and all other partners. She thanks them from the bottom of her heart and urges them to continue helping others.

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