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Rediscovering Myself

A few months ago, Edith Makena, a Bachelor of Arts and Economy graduate would look at her academic papers and wonder whether they would ever help her. Edith has missed two interviews due to a condition that has crippled her life. Edith, a mother of one, has been struggling with fistula for the last two …Read More

Renewed Hope: Triumph Over Fistula in the Golden Years

Karen Umutho, a Tharaka Nithi resident is a happy woman. She has been treated for a condition that has haunted her for the last 25 years. Karen, a mother of three, narrates how she has lived in disgrace for a quarter century.  “My journey with fistula started way back in January 1998 when I went …Read More

I lacked the freedom to spend extended periods in social gatherings

Rose Gacheri, 50, took a heavy breath when I contacted her for this interview. For Rose, it was a long race, and she never thought her fistula journey would come to an end anytime soon. Her story can be traced back to 1994 when she went to deliver her fourth-born child. During those days delivering …Read More

Overcoming a frustrating condition

Sarah Naiku’s heart skips a beat whenever the thought of adding another baby strikes her mind. Sarah, a mother of one, says she is not sure whether she will add another child to her life. Sarah, 33, narrates the events of what happened in 2021 as if they happened yesterday. “Just like most new mothers, …Read More

I was sinking into depression

Betty Kagemi is a 26-year-old mother of two living in Magutueni, Tharaka Nithi. She sounds excited as we speak. She is just getting discharge from hospital where she successfully underwent corrective surgery for recto-vaginal fistula on 23rd May. Betty first developed fistula while delivering her first child in February 2020. She had prolonged labour. Her …Read More

I will empower women to seek treatment

Juliet Kaithani is a 75-year-old mother of seven living in Mugwe. She sounds a bit tired, and her speech is slightly slurred. She does not speak English or Swahili and we therefore need the assistance of a nurse to translate. Juliet developed fistula in 1988 when delivering her last child. She underwent a caesarean section …Read More

My self-esteem is improved

Stella Nyambura is a 37-year-old mother of three from Baringo. She travelled 222km, all the way to Tharaka Nithi hoping to get a solution to her problem. When I speak to her the joy and elation is clear in her voice. Having successfully delivered two children, Stella did not anticipate developing any complications. Like any …Read More