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Defying Challenges: Peninah’s Unwavering Spirit Amidst Adversity

Peninah Gati is a 28-year-old mother of 2 living in Kuria East. She is a person living with mental disability and is not very eloquent in her speech but is able to highlight her experience.

Peninah narrates that she developed fistula in 2019 while delivering her 2nd child. She had laboured at home for 4 days and ended up having a home birth without any help. After delivery, she went to hospital to ensure that all was well and informed the health care workers that she was unable to control her urine flow. The hospital unfortunately offered no solution and left her to own devices.

She has managed to live with her condition and her life has not changed much.  She continued to attend social events and mingle with others despite her condition. Despite her husband not being able to afford diapers, she has managed to go about her life without them. Lacking the financial muscle to do much has not stopped Peninah’s husband from supporting her. He even brought her to the medical camp for treatment after receiving information about the medical camp.

Peninah underwent surgery on Monday 27th February 2023 and is hopeful that she will recover. She is looking forward to resuming her normal life. She is thankful to the partners for the help.

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