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Kenyatta National Hospital: Cecilia Nyambura (55 yrs)

Cecilia Nyambura, 55years from Nyahururu district is a farmer by occupation. She got VVF in 1997 during the El Niño rains, she recalls that period because its then that she went into labour and on arrival at hospital there were no doctors, she labored for more than 12 hours alone before a doctor came and ...Read More Read More »

Kenyatta National Hospital: Maria Mugire (27 yrs)

Maria Mugire  27 years old hails from Ruiru town  just a couple  of miles from Nairobi town , she got married at the age of 20 years and wasn’t able to complete her primary education due to RVF which she got at a tender age of 7 Years after rape. She has lived with that ...Read More Read More »

Fistula Week in Garissa: Halima Aden

She has both VVF and RVF which she developed five years ago in yet another case of delayed and eventually skilled assisted birth. My two children are dead and they would have been five and three years old by now. I am divorcee of 5 years; my husband left me when I got this problem. ...Read More Read More »

Fistula Week in Garissa: Hiddigo Manu (24)

Another refugee from Ifo camp in Daadab, she is been in the country for only 15 days. Her physique is typical of OF patients as she is small bodied/stunted.  She is one of whose OF stemmed from harmful traditional practices. At seventeen years, she delivered her first child albeit prolonged labour in the traditional manyattas. ...Read More Read More »

Fistula Week in Garissa: Nimo (21yrs)

She came to Dadaad three months ago, and like many of the Somalia origin in the camp she came with both RVF/VVF that she had lived with for one year. She has no known relatives in Somalia and the camp and was destitute with nowhere to sleep when the rains fell this month. That is ...Read More Read More »

Fistula Week in Garissa: Mulki Suleiman

Hails from Dadaab as well. At 38 years old, she counts herself lucky to have found AMREF after living with OF for ten years and four years of trying to get access to the ‘Flying Doctors’. ‘I came from Somalia ten years ago and I am married (at 17 years)’. Mulki was lucky to have ...Read More Read More »

Fistula Week in Garissa: Khadija (40yrs)

She is also from Dadaab refugee camp with a long history of multiple traumas that she can barely handle. She delivered a still below the age of 20 and started leaking urine right way. The husband abandoned her and at 23years old, she suffered bomb injuries that saw her left leg amputated. She lost all ...Read More Read More »

Fistula Week Garissa: Gini Muhamed (23yrs)

Meet Gini, young and cheerful but has gone through a lot of stress ensuing from her condition of six years. At her age, she is already in her second marriage which she hopes would suffice against the odds. ‘I am here to save my marriage, I was repaired last year but the problem did not ...Read More Read More »

Fistula Week in Garissa: Ifra Ibrahim (20 years)

She is a young refugee from Daadab coming for repair for her second time. She had an extensive fistula (complicated) which more often than not predicts higher chances of repeat repair or failure all together. ‘This is a huge problem I got in Somalia before i came to the camp which I think needs high ...Read More Read More »

Fistula Week in Garissa: Fatuma

She is only 20 years old, and has two children aged 2 years and 8 months.  She is accompanied by her spouse who stays by her side throughout her period of stay at the hospital, which is a rare observation in the OF patients. Fatuma, like majority of women in this region illiterate and got ...Read More Read More »