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Kenyatta National Hospital: Mumbua Katisya (33 yrs)

33 year old Mumbua Katisya comes from Kangundo district Eastern Part of Kenya. She got fistula while delivering her first child and lost the baby in the process, she labored for more than 12 hours at home before getting mean of transport to the nearby hospital.

In terms of seeking medical treatment  Mumbua had come to Kenyatta hospital in 2001 and was told to pay 60,000Ksh for repair like many others she couldn’t afford that at the moment and decided to go back home . She tried to no avail to get the money from relatives and the spouse and she later decided to accept her condition and manage it by herself. “I never gave up the hope of getting a baby and became pregnant almost each year ….” But this was never to be, in total I have had 7 still births and my pray is to get a child of my own one day says Mumbua.

The in laws and the spouse has been very supportive and all wish that one day I will get back on my feet. Asked how she learnt about the camp at Kenyatta, Mumbua says she was referred by a doctor from Kangundo Hospital in April and she eagerly waited for this come to come and be repair. She has been discriminated by people in the community saying that she is of no value because she can’t deliver a child and told the husband to remarry, but the husband refused to marry again saying that one day his wife will be well again. Mumbua adds that “I truly respect my husband for the support and care he has shown me in the past 11 years…

Emotionally I have been affected by this condition but I know my life will change immediately after the repair. I have been isolating myself in the community but am now confident enough to walk and mingle with others.



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