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Kenyatta National Hospital: Abigael Kanini (18 yrs)

Abigael Kanini from Kaskeu village is only 18 years of age. She got fistula 3 months ago during delivery and lost her baby boy of 3.8 kgs, she labored alone for a long time before telling someone and later went to hospital where she delivered through a caesarian section. It’s immediately after delivery that I realized that I couldn’t walk and was later discharged and went home.

Kanini at the KNH hospital after repair

Kanini, excited on arrival back home

The pain I felt was unbearable i used to cry day and night..”  says Kanini. It is later that I was referred to Kenyatta hospital for further management because of the nerve problem that affected my both legs and was admitted for 2 weeks before discharge. While at Kenyatta I was informed about the free VVF camp in June.

Kanini being the 2nd born in her family had dropped out of school in form one and decided to stay home. The families had been very supportive trying to get treatment for her and were so worried if she will ever be on her feet again. Kanini intends to go back to school when she is able to walk again. Her elder sister dropped out of college to take care of Kanini and they have been in and out of hospital for 3 months , she is now happy that the sister has been repaired and is able to walk using clutches which she got from Amref after the repair.

Due to mobility problems, Kanini was dropped back home by Amref following surgery and her relatives and family were very happy to see their daughter back on her feet. Her aunt says “this is God that’s come through for Kanini….” She never used to sit and was always in so much pain, no one thought she will be well again.

Kanini mums, lost of words say “I have nothing much to say but to thank you for helping my daughter…” the smile on her face tells it all when she receives her on arrival to her home. The grandmother promises to slaughter a goat for her grandchild Kanini and is glad to see her smile again “thanks for putting a smile on her again…” says the grandmother.

She receives a warm welcome from the Grandmother

The project staff, Kanini and her family and relative enjoys a meal together

Lastly Kanini gives a vote of thanks to Amref and Dr. Khisa for helping her and adds that “May you continue to help other women with such condition , and May the Lord bless you abundantly…”



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