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Kenyatta National Hospital: Mary Atieno (48 yrs)

Mary Atieno 48 years old comes from a small village in Homa bay district. In regards to marital status Mary was in a polygamous marriage but separated with the husband soon after getting fistula. She got fistula when delivering her first child and has only 2 children and 6 still births and had lived with the condition for 16 years.  She labored for more than 12 hours at home before going to hospital she had already lost her baby.

She recalls clearly how everything transpired and is always depressed because of losing her children and even the marital problems that she has experienced. It was worse in the community says Mary “People used to say that I smell badly …” , this affected my social life and  I always avoided being near others.

Mary says that people in her community knows that her problem was as a result of child delivery although they still discriminate me. I had tried to seek medical assistance and spent about 4, 000 Ksh shillings but it was all in vain, and I just decided to live with my condition not ever knowing  I will get better one day. When I heard about the free medical camp , I looked for  bus fare  to come and seek treatment and am so happy to have been repaired and well.

I plan to go back home and talk to other women and inform them more about fistula and encourage them to seek medical help because its free of charge. I also intend to talk to the young mother’s and discourage them from home delivery so as not to suffer the way she did



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