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Responsible Travel

Give back when you travel

Becoming a member of the Flying Doctors Society gives you a chance to exercise responsible travel, as well as create an opportunity to give back to the wider society. By becoming a member, you not only insure your own life and that of your loved ones, you also change and save many other lives as well.

Any outstanding funds raised through unutilized membership contributions goes towards carrying out free charity evacuations, as well as supporting AMREFs Medical Outreach program. This program has been in operation since 1957, covers 150 hospitals in 7 countries in Africa and reaches over 25,000 people annually, with over 7,000 life changing operations being carried out every year.

In addition, money raised by the Society goes towards financing the operations of the AMREF Flying Doctors, which is an air ambulance service that also carries out evacuations for our members. Our contribution directly funds the Emergency control center used by AMREF Flying Doctors. We also finance charity evacuations aimed at the less fortunate who are not members and are not able to afford the cost of the evacuation.

More about our Charity Programs

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