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Credibility of the Society, Established 1971

Established in 1971, FDSA has a rich heritage


The Flying Doctors Society of Africa has a rich heritage and history, spanning the last 40 years. The Society was set up in 1971 by a group of like-minded individuals to raise funds for the work of the Flying Doctors in Africa.

The society raises money for programs for AMREF through various methods including: Society memberships, merchandising, corporate memberships, resident memberships and tourist memberships.

In 1972, it was observed by Mr. Wood that “money for charities these days was not gained by straight donations but by the contributors receiving something in return”. The principle of fundraising by offering something in return has remained a core principle in FDSA’s fundraising efforts over the years.

National offices were also actively supporting the work of FDSA even back then. The AMREF UK office was actively fundraising through UK schools in collaboration with OXFAM and BBC. It was also during this time that a decision was made concerning the channeling of donations through the Society instead of directly to AMREF. Mr. Wood suggested that donations should best go through the Society in order to coordinate the Society as one of the main local fundraising sources of the Foundation.

Since 1971, FDSA has contributed over KShs. 1 billion to support the work of AMREF and the Flying Doctors in Africa. The Society continues to play its role in being a leading contributor towards Better Health for Africa.

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