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Membership covers you for whatever reason you are travelling

No matter your reason for travel, FDSA is there for you Membership to the Flying Doctors Society is open to all, and is especially relevant to tourists, who derive peace of mind from the benefit of the free air evacuation. The benefit of membership is the same regardless of the type purchased: namely, one free ...Read More Read More »

Responsible Travel

Give back when you travel Becoming a member of the Flying Doctors Society gives you a chance to exercise responsible travel, as well as create an opportunity to give back to the wider society. By becoming a member, you not only insure your own life and that of your loved ones, you also change and ...Read More Read More »

Traveling with peace of mind

For the discerning traveler, peace of mind is worth every penny Traveling with Flying Doctors Society Membership assures one that they are covered in case of an emergency. The membership is affordable with costs starting at KShs. 1,500 per year ($20.00), and each member receives one free air evacuation within the radius of membership to ...Read More Read More »