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Kisii Fistula Camp 16th-22nd September 2012 (Catherine Kwamboka’s Story)

Catherine Kwamboka (26), mother to Sarafina (8) was one of the beneficiaries of this camp. She narrates:

I had a disagreement with my husband and ran away from home that night and slept at the neighbors place. The following day when I came I found my daughter had been left with the grandmother and she was crying very much.

I tried everything to calm her down even breast feeding didn’t work she was only 2 years old then. Its then that I realized that she was leaking urine but I thought it will just stop by its self since she was still young. I later realized that Sarafina never wanted me to even touch her private parts even while showering her “I never suspected rape, until we went to hospital at age of 6 years in 2009 and was informed that my child had been raped”. She had a perineal tear (Injury of the vagina and rectum).

Sarafina after Surgery

I was asked to come for this camp but I always missed the radio announcement and for last year and it was too late for me, but fortunate enough this time the doctors told me the date and I came early for my child to be repaired. Sarafina underwent 2 surgeries i.e. Colostomy and perineal repair that was done 2 days later. “Am happy she can have a normal life like other children and I promise to take good care of her that she will never go though such pain again”.

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