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‘I used cotton wool and pads to avoid messing myself’

Christine now 26 years from Homa Bay County was only in form two when I fell pregnant.  I was ashamed of myself and being the firstborn in my family, I did not want people to know especially my parents. I felt that I had let everyone down but I could not abort the pregnancy no matter what happened. I decided to live my life and face my embarrassment. My mother was very mad at me. I had to drop out of school. When labour set in, there was no money to take me to hospital, I labored for one day and when I got to the hospital, I was helped to deliver but was left with an injury that made my life more miserable.

I could no longer control stool. When I told the nurses, they told me to wait until the wound healed then I would get better. However this did not happen, I continued leaking stool. My mother did not want to hear about my agony. At the hospital I was told that it would cost 40,000 (forty thousand) for the operation, which at the time my family could not afford we barely met our needs. I lied that I was healed so that I could resume my studies. I would use cotton wool and pads while in school so that I could not mess. Other than school, I avoided travelling as much as I could so. I was lonely and hopeless but I was hopeful that I would finish my school, get employment and be able to pay for the bill for my repair.

When I heard of a camp in Kisii, I told my mother about it but she did not take it lightly. She scolded me why I had lied that I was healed and refused to facilitate my travel to Kisii. “Continue staying the way you have been staying” those were her words. I felt very disappointed and decided to just keep to myself.

I heard of Kitui Fistula camp, and this time round I was determined to get help, I knew this was my chance to get healed. I called Flying Doctors Society and they facilitated my transport. The memory I relived when

Now am healed. I am the happiest person on earth. I feel like shouting to everyone that am now fine. I really thank everyone who facilitated me to get healed. Am now born again and more determined. I will finish my college and help people who are suffering like me. Thank you very much. God bless you.

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