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‘I felt like my life was coming to an end’

When Nduku Kimazi a 36 year old, from Makueni County labored for two days, she felt like her life was coming to an end. She had no money to get to the hospital and her husband was away. When she finally got to the hospital, she had to be rushed to the theatre for a Cesarean Section since she could not give birth normally but unfortunately, her baby did not survive. Everything happened fast, before she could digest the sad news of losing her child and a painful scar, she realized that she could not control urine, that she was leaking urine.

When the doctors examined her, they said she would get better with time but 10 years later she was still leaking urine uncontrollably. Her once jovial life turned into sorrow and sadness. She could not fit in the society due to the awful smell of urine, she felt hopeless.

Nduku kept this to herself and never sought any form of help. She did not know where to go or who to tell. Her family abandoned her due to her condition making her even more desperate. When she finally heard about the fistula advert on her local radio station, she decided to give herself a chance and seek help. She came to the hospital expectantly and was admitted. She was diagnosed with a ureteric fistula which happened to be the most difficult case to repair taking the surgeon 5 hours.

Nduku is now well and recovering and feels happy that she got a solution to her problem. Nduku is thankful to the partners for helping her. She confesses that she had made up her mind to live like that till her death. A once hopeless Nduku is now full of hope.

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