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How safe are you During your Travels?

The holiday season will kick off in about two weeks or so! By this I mean the December holidays, which has most of its days jam-packed with parties and an amalgamation of other intriguing activities thanks to holidays such as Christmas, Jamhuri day (Kenya) among others. If am not wrong, majority of us have all our holiday festivities planned out already…as the saying goes “It pays to plan ahead, it wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark”.

In most cases, December holidays see families and communities coming together and so a lot of traveling and even touring is involved. Hoping the cold season will make way for the warm season (we all want the heat creeping back into our bones), it’s time to stop this nesting and cocooning businesses, and get out there to discover new holiday destinations and festivals within East Africa during the coming December holidays.

While doing your December travels within East Africa, why not get a travel cover for yourself hence be assured that your life will be saved in case you got involved in any kind of accident. Not that this is something one should anticipate for, but then again, you never know when lightning may strike. Become a member of the Flying Doctors Society of Africa, who ensure you get to a well equipped hospital fast and also provide you with expert care in transit which could mean the difference between life and death. As a member of the Flying Doctors Society of Africa you are entitled to one free evacuation per year in case of a life threatening emergency that would necessitate the use of the flying doctors to transport you to a medical facility in Nairobi.

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