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Value for locals

As a resident of East Africa, FDSA is relevant for you too

Membership to the Flying Doctors Society is open to all, and is especially relevant for East Africa residents. Many who live in East Africa wonder if they will ever need to be airlifted. The truth is, you never know when you will need the service, and for a cost of a mere KShs. 1,500, you can avoid the hassle of trying to raise over KShs. 500,000 on short notice. Even if not for you as a person, you could easily purchase membership for other people in your life, such as relatives up country and friends who travel in the region.

No matter who you are, FDSA membership is relevant for you. If for no other reason, then because being a member enables you to give back to society by financing charity in Africa. Knowing we are there for you will give you peace of mind.

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