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Kisii Fistula Camp 16th-22nd September 2012 (Robina Nyangote’s Story)

This is Robina’s story which was revealed to us during the Kisii Fistula Camp:

Robina Nyangote 55 years from Sirari got fistula in 1993 while delivering the 3rd born, she recalls very well that it was a boy child. She had delivered 3 times and only the first child the daughter survived. She says her problems started after she realized she could not control urine, this was the genesis of my marital problems says Robina, my husband chased me away saying “if I can’t sleep with you what benefit are you to me, just go so I can marry someone else”.

Confused and bitter Robina left to her friend’s place who gave her shelter, we started a small business together and from what I earned I raised my daughter. My life changed when my daughter got married and my son in law bought me a small piece of land and built for me a house, where I live now.

Robina before Surgery

Since my separation with my husband I even stopped going to church in 2005 because of my condition, but my fellow brethrens never abandoned me they visited me at home to bring for me prayers and gave me support despite it all and gave me lots of hope.

I got to learn about this camp through a friend who told me to listen to radio that there would be a free medical camp for women, “I always listened on radio and when I had the announcement I rushed to hospital and was glad to be admitted…”. I am so happy after surgery and I plan to start a better business “I want to take care of myself and live a good life, life has been quite hard on me I want to start over again”

Robina after Surgery
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