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Faith is all I had; I believed I would get healed one day

Amina Gakii Nyaga is a 34 yrs old lady from Tharaka Nithi County. Amina is a housewife, she has 3 children. After completion of her Form 1 education, she got pregnant and got married at a tender age. Her life over the years was good with the support of her then deceased parent in law. In the past the marital squabbles with her drunken husband would resort to her parents in law intervening on her behalf.

In the late 2018, she was diagnosed with cysts, and the doctors recommended that she goes for surgery for the removal of the cysts. To her, the surgery was supposed to be a simple process. After the surgery, she noticed she started leaking urine. She went to sort treatment at Kabete Gardens in February 2019 and after repair was done it was still not successful. While still at the hospital, she kept talking to her children on phone who gave her strength to carry on. She was discharged and went home, with a fresh wound, being weak and having a 3 year old child carrying out simple house chores was an uphill task for her. It was not long before the husband burnt a few of her good clothes and chased her out of her matrimonial home. With no money, she sought the support of the brother in law who gave her fare to go to her sister’s place. While still at her sister’s place she heard of the fistula camp at Makueni her sister encouraged her to come and try her luck once more. She sits at the hospital bed with faith that all will be well. She will is consoled daily by the voice of her children and prays that she will stop leaking and be reunited with her family.

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