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A Tribute to Suzanne Aronson

The late Suzanne Aronson was born and raised in New Zealand. She first came to Kenya in 1957 with her husband, Jack Rumbold, was a legal counsel in the Office of the Attorney General. They had two small daughters, Melanie and Imogen aged 7 and 2 respectively. In 1963, the family moved to Zanzibar where Suzanne’s husband had been appointed the Attorney General. She and her husband had an exciting escape from the island when the revolution overthrew the Sultan in early 1964. The girls were at boarding school in Nairobi.

Suzanne returned to Kenya in 1974 after separating from her husband. She had married a local Advocate, Michael Aronson and it was at this time that she became a founder member of the Flying Doctors Society of Africa.

Suzanne was deeply committed to the cause of the Society and that of AMREF. As a former member of the Society’s Council, she was a firm believer in the humanitarian work the Society does, and she gave of herself immensely in the service of mankind through it. We are privileged to have known her and been part of her life. She passed on during the morning of 5th July 2012. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her.