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Become an Agent/Partner

To enable us to attain our goal of bringing in as many members as possible, we have put in place a partnership programme with Insurance and Travel Intermediaries or Agents. These agents sell the Flying Doctors membership to complement the services they provide their clients. To commence the partnership, The Flying Doctors Society of Africa provides Service Level Agreements which contain the legal terms and conditions of the partnership. When we recruit an agent or any partner who wishes to sell annual membership on our behalf, we train them on our product and what we do as Flying Doctors Society to enable understanding of what we stand for, our core business and our membership. We then provide two copies of the Service Level agreement for them to go through and understand the expectations as well as the reward system as well as the legal aspects of the partnerships. Upon agreeing to the terms and conditions in the document, both parties sign the document and the partnership is activated. To reward this partnership, we always give a 10% commission on every membership our registered agents bring in.