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Membership Renewal

To renew your membership, please follow the following procedure:

1. Select your category of membership at the following page: https://www.flyingdoctorsafrica.org/shop/. If you are renewing membership for more than one person, add each membership category you are renewing to the cart by clicking on ‘Add to Cart’.

2. Once done, click on ‘Go to cart and Check Out’, and follow the steps to make the payments for the memberships you have selected.

3. After finishing with the payment process, you will be directed to log in to your account, and the instructions for log in will be sent to your email.

4. After you log in, you will see your account, which will have a list of the memberships you have purchased. You will then need to assign membership details to each membership purchased. For each membership, click on the dialogue box to indicate that they are renewals and not new memberships, then in put the correct respective membership numbers being renewed. If you are adding a new member to the family, the specific new addition will be indicated as a new member, not renewal

5. Fill in all the relevant details for each member separately, then submit the data. You will receive an email with the membership details, including membership numbers.