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What else do I need to know about the evacuation?

Air evacuations are subject to clearances from the relevant air traffic control authorities and to there being a useable airstrip near the patient’s location. Our service provider, AMREF Flying Doctors is not responsible for evacuations precluded by circumstances beyond its control such as political instability, refusal of a government or appropriate authority to grant over flight or landing permission.

AMREF Flying Doctors retains the right to use its judgement in all cases particularly in circumstances involving the safety of people and aircraft.

AMREF Flying Doctors will use its best endeavours to evacuate the patient(s), subject always to the pilots discretion. The pilot’s decision shall be final in all aviation cases and it is hereby expressly agreed that neither the Company nor the member will hold either AMREF Flying Doctors or FDSA liable and will have no recourse against AMREF Flying Doctors, FDSA or any staff, agents or subcontracted personnel under any circumstances where the flight was refused, unsuccessful or delayed. It will be entirely within AMREF’s discretion to use the aircraft most suitable for the task.

For further information, please call us at +254 20 6994412 or send an email to flying.doctors@amref.org for further details.


What’s the maximum response time once an evacuation request call is made to the time doctors reach at the scene in each of the countries covered i.e. Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi?

Response time to departure is between 20min to one hour depending on the aircraft used; flight times depend on destination and type of aircraft.

How can one donate to the Flying Doctors’ Society of Africa?

Donations can be made directly to our account in Nairobi:
Flying Doctors’ Society of Africa-Nairobi
P O Box 30125-00100
Commercial Bank of Africa
Current Account No. 6427680018 for donations in Kenya shillings
Dollar Account No. 6427680026 for donations in US dollars

Or to our Branch in Arusha:

Flying Doctors Society of Africa-Arusha Branch
Stanbic Bank Tanzania-Arusha Branch
P O Box 3062 Arusha
Telephone 007 272509716
Current Account No TZS 0140007707801 for donations in Tanzania shillings
Dollar Account No. USD 0240007707801 for donations in US Dollars

You can also donate through our MPESA Paybill Number 524300

What are the other modes of payment from membership apart from credit card?

Bank transfer

For a bank transfer, you may send your membership subscription to our account then inform us that the funds have been remitted. We will then confirm with our bank and send you a membership card and receipt via post/email.

Commercial Bank of Africa Limited
Upper Hill Branch,
P O Box 30437
Tel: +254 20 2884000
Kenya Shillings Account No. 6427680018
US Dollar Account No. 6427680026

I & M Bank Limited
Wilson Airport Branch
P.O. Box 30238-00100
Telephone: +254 20 3522033
Kenya Shilling Account No: 01100502611210
Dollar Account No: 01100502611211

Stanbic Bank Tanzania – Arusha Branch
P. O. Box 3062 Arusha
Telephone 007 272509716
Tanzania Shillings Account No 0140007707801
US Dollar Account No 0240007707801

Make cheque payable to Flying Doctors Society of Africa. You can post the cheque to our addresses below or deposit it in any of our accounts as appropriate.

Flying Doctors Society of Africa Offices,
AMREF House, Next to Wilson Airport,
Nairobi, Kenya.

TFA Complex, Western Wing, Shop 16,
Arusha, Tanzania

AMREF Building, Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road,
Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.

If in Kenya, you can also pay for membership via MPESA using Paybill Number 524300. The procedure is:
1.    Go to “M-PESA” Menu
2.    Select “Pay Bill” (it is the fourth option on M-PESA menu when you scroll down)
3.    Enter 524300 as the Business Number
4.    Enter your name or membership number as the Account Number
5.    Type in the Amount to send to Flying Doctors Society of Africa
6.    Enter your M-PESA PIN
7.    Then send the request
8.    You will receive response showing that the money has been sent to Flying Doctors Society

Physical address
Flying Doctors Society of Africa
1st Floor, AMREF in Kenya Country Office
Old AMREF Building
Wilson Airport – Next to National Bank, Wilson Branch

How do I know you are legitimate?

We are registered under the Societies Act of Kenya as a charitable organisation. Hundreds of thousands of tourists have taken FDSA membership of the 40 years we have been in operation. We are tried and tested and have the confidence of hundreds of thousands of tour operators, corporates, NGOs and individuals in the region.

We are also accredited by KATO, which is the umbrella body of tour operators in Kenya. Several players in the insurance industry also subscribe to our membership and have referred thousands of their clients, who include Government Bodies, Multinational Corporations and International NGOs to us for cover.

Is membership transferable?

No. It is not possible to have your friend or relative evacuated on your membership. Each membership is individual and each name must be recorded in our database for ease of verification in the unfortunate event of an evacuation.

Does membership entitle one to be evacuated to places other than Nairobi?

Right now, we only evacuate our members to established hospitals in Nairobi.

What are the procedures for evacuations outside our area of coverage? E.g. Sudan and which parameters determine cost to be met by clients outside the radius.

The client calls the emergency numbers, gives personal and medical details. The quote for the appropriate aircraft will be given. One is required to sign a guarantee of payment form and 50% upfront payment made. Membership does not cover areas outside the radius. However, there is membership that can be given whereby there will be no upfront payment required but you receive an invoice in full.

What procedure do I follow as a member in the event of an evacuation? (For area of coverage)

You will need to make a call to the Flying Doctors’ Emergency Centre and provide them with information on where you are, current contacts, number of patients and membership number. We will then find out the general nature of the problem and establish whether the condition is an emergency or not. More details on this are in the evacuation procedure guide that we will send to you via email after your enrolment.

Can I join today but travel to the region 6 months from now?

Yes, you can join today even though your planned travel to the country is in six months time. We will only make your membership valid on the date of travel and must have received payment for your membership to be valid.

When I join online how long does it take for my membership to become active?

As soon as we receive your membership application, we process it and send you details via email within 24hrs during weekdays and 48hrs during the weekend. In the email, you will receive your membership number and a copy of an evacuation procedure guide that you can use in the event of an evacuation. The guide contains all the phone numbers for the Flying Doctors’ Emergency Centre. We will make your membership valid on the first day of your arrival into the country or region of travel.

That sounds interesting, but what’s in it for me as a tour operator?

We offer an attractive commission for prepaid booklets, which represents a significant income for you as you seek to grow your business. Some of our tour operator agents have earned thousands of dollars in commission income in a short period, simply by selling our temporary membership.

I am a tour operator and I think this product is perfect for my visitors, how can I sign up?

The procedure is simple. You can register and pay for membership online via a secure web process at www.amref.org. We also sell booklets to tour operators in advance of the visit by the tourist client, in order to simplify the process as much as possible.

If I don’t get an evacuation during the duration of my membership, where does my money go?

Any funds raised through unutilised membership contributions are used to support the AMREF Outreach Programme. This programme has been in operation since 1957, covers 150 hospitals in 7 countries and reaches over 25,000 people annually, with over 7,000 life changing operations conducted every year.

I am a tourist, but I would like to give more. Can I enroll on the annual membership?

Yes, you can become an annual member even if you are coming to Kenya for a short period. You may also join as a way of donating even though you will not be travelling to the region.

What types of membership do you have available?

We offer both temporary (for tourists) and annual membership. Our annual membership is both individual and corporate and costs start from $12 per year. The benefit of membership is the same regardless of the type, namely, one free emergency medical evacuation during the duration of your membership.

What does it mean to become a member of FDSA?

What is the membership cost?

Membership costs start at $15 per adult per year. With this membership, an individual is entitled to one free medical emergency evacuation during the year of membership.

What is your relationship with AMREF Flying Doctors?

AMREF Flying Doctors is our service provider and carry out emergency evacuations for our members when necessary. AMREF Flying Doctors is the aviation arm of AMREF whilst FDSA raises funds for the AMREF Flying Doctors Charity Evacuation Programme as well as finance the operation of the Flying Doctors Emergency room.

I keep hearing about AMREF whenever you are mentioned, what is your relationship with AMREF?

The AMREF founder, Sir Michael Wood, together with the legendary Maddie de Mott, set up FDSA as a fund raising arm to support the work of AMREF Specialist Outreach. The money we raise also goes towards financing lifesaving charity evacuations in the region, as well as supporting corrective surgeries for Fistula, which affects millions of women in Africa. Since 1971, we have donated $12million towards AMREF’s work.

What does the Flying Doctors’ Society of Africa (FDSA) do?

The Flying Doctors’ Society of Africa (FDSA) is a premier fundraising organisation that was established in 1971 to raise funds to support the work of AMREF Flying Doctors and the AMREF Specialist Outreach programme. FDSA raises funds through the sale of Membership to the Society, donations, sale of branded items and fund raising activities/events.