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(English) ‘It’s good to have control of urine and stool for years of agony’


(English) Faith is all I had; I believed I would get healed one day


(English) ‘I was told cold air must have entered my birth canal during childbirth’




(English) I Gave Birth in the Dark Forest and Developed a Fistula in the Process


(English) Rotary Club of Essendon Visit – September 2013



Obstetric fistula is a severe medical condition which is brought about by a hole developing in the birth canal. It is a very serious problem that women face, especially those living in poor and disadvantaged countries, where a good number of these women give birth without any medical help administered to them. Usually, the mother …Read More

De man achter de Outreach-programma – Dr Johnson Musomi

Wat voor werk heb je gedaan voor AMREF’s Outreach Programme? Ik werd lid van AMREF als de Outreach Manager voor het programma in november 2003. Tijdens mijn ambtsperiode heb ik toezicht gehouden op de uitbreiding van de reikwijdte in termen van het aantal ziekenhuizen en aantal patiënten profiteren. Door financiering van FDSA, heeft outreach verdrievoudigd …Read More

(English) Obstetric fistula tormenting pregnant women in Kenya


(English) Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) VVF Camp held in June 2011