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Movie Night Fundraiser

FDSA and OWIT joined forces to set up a Movie Night to raise funds to help fight Fistula in Kenya. This is done by funding a Medical Outreach programme that identifies gaps in health care systems and develops methods and intervention to support hospitals through pre-planned visits by specialists, who provide expert advice, services and training of professional health workers. Of particular interest to FDSA and OWIT is the area of Obstetric Fistula.

To help raise funds toward this cause, FDSA and OWIT held a Movie Night on 30th November 2012. This is the second event that FDSA and OWIT have put together in the past. Although there were weather and transport issues on the day of the showing, the event managed to collect a net contributed income of KShs. 454,350.

FDSA would like to thank all the individuals who bought tickets or attended the movie. FDSA would also like to thank our sponsors; OWIT, Consolidated Bank, Citi Bank, Genesis Investments and the Awendo Foundation for their support. A big thank you to our members as well who, through their membership, contribute greatly towards the Outreach Program as well. 

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